About Clinical Research

At PRA's Lenexa, Salt Lake City and Marlton clinics we primarily conduct Phase I studies however, unlike most Phase I Contract Research Organizations we specialize in both healthy volunteers and specific patient populations.

Phase I studies assess the drug's safety and determine how the human body absorbs, metabolizes and excretes the drug. This initial phase of testing is generally done in a small number of healthy volunteers (20 to 100) and typically involves overnight stays in our clinic.

Additional phases in clinical research:
Phase II/III: This phase of testing may last from several months to two years and involves up to several hundred patients. This phase is done to test drug effectiveness.

Phase IV: This final phase of testing is done to compare the study drug with other drugs already on the market. Studies are often designed to monitor a drug’s long-term effectiveness and optimal use. Post-marketing studies are used to collect additional information including the drug's risks, benefits and optimal use.

PRA conducts research in Phase I,II, and III within our own clinics, either as a single center study or as a center in larger national or international multi-center studies. These studies are performed in our own clinics in the United States and Europe.